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Bookmark Navigator: bookmark manager

Bookmark Navigator is a portable bookmark manager. It saves your bookmarks and favorites onto any portable device
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Bookmark Manager
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3 September 2010

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Internet surfing has become very popular these days as we get a lots of information and data on various subjects on the net. We can also chat with our friends and near and dear ones and upload photos on social networking sites like Facebook etc. and such other work. We have many favorite websites which would love to bookmark and there are various software available that helps us in doing that. However very often we encounter problems as these programs cannot always synchronize bookmarks and so are not very helpful. Bookmark Navigator: bookmark manager 1.2.1 is a program that can satisfy all your demands and is pretty easy to use as well and works super fast so that you do not have to wait to figure out your favorite website.

Bookmark Navigator has an interface that is intuitive and user friendly and the important options are given at the top of the panel. This program is a very easy way to manage your bookmarks by taking website address from popular search engine and organizing them in a proper manner so that you can get them whenever you want. You can also save your bookmarks in any device such as flash-drive and use it on other computers such as computers in Internet cafes or those in hotel rooms if you are traveling. This has an advantage as you can gain access to your bookmarks on any other computer without disclosing your account information. This program is also capable of detecting duplicate bookmarks and erases them thus saving your valuable time. Thus this is a very capable software and will be quite helpful to you and so it is a good investment.

Bookmark Navigator 1.2.1 is thus software that is quite efficient and reliable for managing bookmarks and therefore earns a score of three points for its suitable performance. The developers of the program do need to look at incorporating more categorization features.

Publisher's description

Bookmark Navigator is a bookmark manager, it offers a brand new way of managing your Internet bookmarks. Now you can easily synchronize bookmarks and share them among browsers and any computers - just as easy as plugging in a flash device! It imports your favorites from all major browsers including Google Chrome, organizes and structures them so that it takes only a few seconds to locate the bookmark you need and open it in a browser.
What's more important, you can save bookmarks onto any portable device - for instance, a flash drive - and transfer them onto another computer, to work with them just like as if it were your own machine. This is particularly important if you travel and need to synchronize your desktop favorites with your laptop computer.
Online bookmark services aren't the best choice in some cases. Let's say, you're surfing the web from an Internet cafe or from another person's computer - you surely would prefer to not reveal your account at say StumbleUpon or Digg. In that case this portable bookmark manager is an ideal solution. Simply import the bookmarks from your home computer to any flash device with the portable version of the program, and then plug it in at the other computer. That's it! Now you have full control over your Internet bookmarks while nobody else can access your bookmarks on that computer.
Bookmark Navigator not only synchronizes bookmarks, but also helps you to manage them in a far more convenient way than that provided by browsers. You can organize your favorites in a tree-like folder hierarchy with a simple mouse drag-and-drop, rename them if needed or verify if they are still valid. Bookmark Navigator easily detects duplicate bookmark entries, no matter how deep in a folder structure they are, and automatically removes them.
Another utterly convenient feature is an instant bookmark search - simply start typing the letters and the software immediately suggests to you the corresponding bookmark.
Bookmark Navigator: bookmark manager
Bookmark Navigator: bookmark manager
Version 1.2.1
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